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Wisdom Tooth Painless Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Painless Extraction

The elusive and mystical wisdom tooth has so many sayings attached to it. We all grew up listening and still hear that the pain of wisdom tooth means that ‘we are finally getting wiser’. In addition, in our younger days, most of us made it’s a point to feel around the third molars to check if we are getting wiser or not.
The truth is that the wisdom teeth are just like the normal teeth that grow in the third molar of the upper and lower jaw. They grow in between the age of 17-25 normally but they can appear at any unexpected time during the age of young adult or even later. The wisdom tooth usually grows quickly and rather painfully and if not removed or treated in time they can cause a lot of teeth and gum issues.

What is Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

Year ago, the wisdom tooth were a necessary part of human evolution but today, they are the modern lifestyles do not need them and getting them surgically or otherwise removed is safe and best option. Wisdom tooth surgery is the removal of the third molar. Since they are the last adult teeth to come out, they are situated in the corner of the upper and lower jaws.
Wisdom tooth can either be impacted or partially erupted and not all wisdom teeth need extraction, there are specific indications for that which your dentist in Pune will be able to tell you better. Wisdom tooth surgery in Pune is done to extract the wisdom tooth completely. Since the tooth does not have any functional requirements, it is completely safe to have a wisdom tooth surgery as advised by the dentist or a maxillofacial surgeon in India. Wisdom tooth surgery in India is done under local anesthesia and it does not cause any damage to the functionality of the mouth or to the adjacent tooth.

Advantages of wisdom teeth extraction or surgery

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