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Recognizing Teething Symptoms and How to Comfort Your Baby
Soulful Dental Care July 5, 2024

Recognizing Teething Symptoms and How to Comfort Your Baby

Teething is a significant milestone in your baby’s development, but it can also be a challenging time for both the infant and parents. At Soulful Dental Care, we understand the concerns that come with teething and are here to help you navigate this phase with ease. As the Best Dental Clinic in Kothrud, we provide comprehensive guidance on recognizing teething symptoms and offering effective comfort measures for your baby.

Understanding Teething: The Basics

Teething typically begins around six months of age, though it can start as early as three months or as late as twelve months. The process continues until the child is about three years old, with the arrival of the full set of primary teeth. Our Pediatric Dentist in Pune is experienced in managing teething issues and can provide personalized advice based on your baby’s needs.

Recognizing Teething Symptoms

Teething symptoms can vary from child to child, but some common signs include:

1. Increased Drooling: Excessive drooling is one of the earliest and most noticeable signs of teething. Keep a bib on your baby to manage the drool and prevent skin irritation.

2. Chewing on Objects: To soothe their gums, babies often chew on toys, fingers, or other objects. This behavior helps relieve the pressure and discomfort associated with teething.

3. Irritability and Fussiness: Teething can cause discomfort, leading to increased irritability and fussiness. Your baby might cry more frequently and be harder to console.

4. Swollen or Tender Gums: Gums may appear red and swollen as the teeth prepare to erupt. Gently rubbing your baby’s gums with a clean finger can help you feel the emerging tooth.

5. Changes in Eating and Sleeping Patterns: Teething discomfort can disrupt your baby’s usual eating and sleeping routines. They may refuse to eat or wake up more frequently during the night.

6. Mild Fever: A slight increase in temperature is common during teething, but it should not be a high fever. If your baby has a high fever, contact a healthcare professional.

7. Ear Pulling and Cheek Rubbing: Babies may pull on their ears or rub their cheeks due to referred pain from the gums.

If you notice these symptoms and suspect teething, our dentist can confirm and provide additional guidance.

Comforting Your Teething Baby

Here are some effective strategies to help soothe your teething baby:

1. Teething Toys and Rings: Provide your baby with safe teething toys or rings to chew on. Chilled (but not frozen) teething rings can offer additional relief.

2. Cold Washcloth: A clean, cold washcloth can be soothing for your baby to chew on. The cold helps numb the gums and reduce inflammation.

3. Gentle Gum Massage: Using a clean finger, gently massage your baby’s gums to alleviate discomfort. The pressure can be soothing and help break down the gum tissue over the emerging tooth.

4. Over-the-Counter Remedies: There are over-the-counter teething gels and pain relievers available. Consult our Child Dentist in Kothrud before using any medication to ensure it is safe and appropriate for your baby.

5. Provide Extra Comfort: Offer extra cuddles and comfort to your baby during this time. Sometimes, the best remedy is simply your presence and reassurance.

6. Maintain Regular Dental Visits: Regular visits to our Dental Clinic in Kothrud can help monitor your baby’s dental development and address any concerns early on. Our team at Soulful Dental Care provides specialized care for infants and young children to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

When to Seek Professional Help

While teething is a natural process, there are instances where you should seek professional advice from our Pediatric Dentist in Pune:

  • If your baby has a high fever, diarrhea, or rash
  • If teething symptoms are causing severe discomfort or affecting their overall health
  • If you have any concerns about your baby’s oral health

Our Dentist in Kothrud at Soulful Dental Care is here to support you through every stage of your child’s dental development. We offer expert advice and care to ensure your baby’s teeth emerge healthy and strong.


Teething can be a challenging time for both babies and parents, but understanding the symptoms and knowing how to provide comfort can make the process smoother. At Soulful Dental Care, the Best Dental Clinic in Kothrud, we are dedicated to helping you and your baby through this important developmental milestone. If you have any questions or need professional guidance, don’t hesitate to contact our Pediatric Dentist in Kothrud for compassionate and expert care.